Sex. In Detail.

January 8, 2009

Mission Ejaculated

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 Oh my gosh, oh my gosh… I totally ejaculated! I drooled all over the place! It was awesome!
I like exclamation points!
At first I thought that “drooling” was sort of an unfair characterization, but after some reflection I figured it wasn’t that inaccurate of a word. I might have gone with “leaked” - but hey, is a broken faucet really that much of a step up in the characterization world?
I don’t know if this is a repeatable event. My body was relaxed, I felt very good, and then things sort of came out and I felt even better. I had very little to do with it other than being there and providing fluids. I sure hope he remembers what was going on.
It didn’t happen at the same time as orgasm. I wonder if that’s how it usually is. I wonder how many guys ejaculate without having an orgasm. I wonder where babies come from. Kidding. I never wonder about that one. But I do wonder where ejaculate comes from. I think that might have been explained to me at some point while I was in the random yurt staring deeply into the random woman’s vagina, but - for reasons that are hopefully understandable - I let that memory get fuzzy quickly.
Today has reminded me a lot of how I felt after the first time I had sex. “Hmm. Neat. So that’s what everyone has been yammering about.”
I’m smiling more today than I was the first time after sex, though. Not to be too harsh on my close encounter of the first kind, but… well… nevermind. BIL hates comparisons, even when they might be to his advantage.
Let’s just say that I heart BIL and that he’s my hero and so on.

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