Finding your edge

When many Americans think of yoga, they envision beautiful, lithe young women who are completely flexible and able to do all poses perfectly. But most people who do yoga are not like that. All bodies are different. Bodies change from day to day, week to week. People do not begin practicing yoga able to achieve perfection. Bodies grow stronger and more flexible with each opportunity to practice.

In my classes, I encourage people to fall down.

When you fall, it means that you have found your edge, your limits for the day—what your body is capable of. If you’re not falling at least once in a while, you’re not challenging yourself enough. You’re not growing. You’re holding yourself back. You’re only doing what you know you can do. And while doing something is better than doing nothing, growing while doing is even better.

The yoga I practice is not about looking good for some imaginary observer. It’s about learning about oneself, about becoming more in tune with your body. In your next yoga class, push your edge. Fall down. If you don’t practice yoga, find another way to test your limits. You may be surprised at what you are capable of if you are willing to fail.



“The highest form of maturity is self inquiry.” –Martin Luther King Jr.  


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