Very candid

Okay, my mother doesn’t know about this blog, my full name is not on here, and this is unlikely to have professional repercussions. So here goes.

I’m kinky. I like being tied up. I like being spanked. But I also like to tie up and dominate other people. This makes me a switch—I can be either the top or the bottom.

An excellent teacher introduced me to BDSM a few years ago. He was (and is) fine top, and I learned a lot from him about where my limits are. Then I met a guy who leaned submissive and wanted me to dominate him.

They say that the best tops start out on the bottom. That was certainly true for me. Knowing what it was like to be submissive and what heightened or detracted from that experience for me made it easier for me to push boundaries and achieve the right intensity. I now believe that all tops and bottoms should experience the other side, and that, at least for me, being able to switch is important to my internal balance.

Now, Danny is my dom, and Garrett is my sub. And perhaps this makes it easier to understand why I was having such trouble being around the two of them at Halloween.


“Thou art to me a delicious torment.”Ralph Waldo Emerson  

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