Season 01 Episode 33 - Powers That Be

[Note from Marvin, who wrote this summary (thank you!): "[The crew] always jump[s] around topics a lot and discuss[es] several things at the same time, but this one was particularly jumpy. I tried to stay in roughly chronological order."]

Present: Bernie, Belle, Will
Voicemails: In Germany, a tramp stamp is called an ass antler. Belle didn’t know "tramp stamp". Why is that considered embarrassing? A short discussion about knowledge ensues. Bernie wants to name other tattoos, but Will thinks that all tattoos already have names.
Bernie is undeterred by this, since special Polytics names like "Winkyank" have caught on so well that now Belle has joined the movement, and sets out to perform her first yank: A personalized quote from the Ethical Slut. However, Will is flabbergasted by the fact that Belle has an OKCupid profile, and so the crew veers off into exploring that, before Belle gets to do the yanking.
Bernie has had no winks lately. Belle and Bernie discuss what it is about a OKCupid profile that makes people woo or wink. Does it have something to do with the pictures, or is it Belle’s lack of penis that accounts for the discrepancy?
Bernie explains what the Politics title music is, and how to get it. It’s "Move to the country" by "Gaia Consort", which you can find for free at . To make sure this information is correct, Belle surfs to the page, and finds out that they’re changing their name to "Bone Poets Orchestra". Halfway through that discussion the power goes out and the podcast is interrupted. Will suspects that someone overloaded the circuits by turning on a super-size vibrator.
After brief confusion, the crew starts discussing Beltane. Sandy has plans for a big fire, Bernie is excited about it, but Belle is upset. Beltane is a fertility festival, and Sandy has come up with a very literal ritual for it, one that is quite a but more literal than that of other Neo-Pagan groups. Belle is upset by this because it gives Paganism a bad name. The conversation is condensed to the topic of impregnating virgins, which Will is all over, upsetting Belle even more. Bernie opines that Sandy’s version is so much about sex that it’s pretty much not about fertility at all.
Speaking of fires and then orgies leads to Bernie’s hex, and the potential foot-touching that may be involved. Will is putting on a foot-fetish party on the weekend, which Bernie is boycotting because some people weren’t invited.
Will, suddenly self-conscious about the contents of the podcast, points out that the community is not all about sex, it’s just more fun to talk about. Thus, we start the first "gardening minute" on Polytics, talk about the flooding of one of the cabins, and misplaced rodents.
Belle is quiet through all this, and Will teases her about impregnating virgins some more. She’s still fuming! ┬áBernie points out that there are no virgins in the community, so it’s all good, but Will volunteers to be the virgin to be impregnated. He looks pregnant as it is! He describes himself as "gorgeous" when talking to women. When talking to men he describes them as "hot". Bernie is all over the difference, and Will lets loose with some gender stereotypes to explain it.
Belle has news! She is dating Sadie now with the rest of her triad. Sadie is the secondary to the triad’s primary. Bernie: "That’s a square with a diagonal." Will: "It looks like the ‘NO’ symbol. Do not want!" Belle: "We’re not a geometry!" Bernie asks for details about the arrangement, but they didn’t really set parameters or anything, so there aren’t many details set in stone. Will says that relationships are always too complicated to sum them up with terms like "dating" or even "quad".
6:25: Will: I will not yank you or wink you or wank you, or whatever the hell a winkyankwank is.
25:00: Will: There’s a reason why Bernie’s [OKCupid] photos are all from 10 feet away, from the back, on a foggy day. That’s why we’re on radio!

33:15: Belle: We are a triad, and we spend time with [Sadie]. Bernie: And other prepositions.

34:00: Bernie: You look really rhomboid to me!

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