Season 01 Episode 31 - While Belle Is Away, Something Something Toes

Season 01 Episode 31

[Thanks to Marvin for summarizing this episode!]

Short Summary

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Memorable Quotes

Stevie: “Do you get your penis professionally massaged?” (about 10:00)
Will: “In the hypersensitive bitch category, we have a winner!” (12:05)

Full Summary

Episode 31 features Bernie, Stevie, Will and the Hot Mystery Guest, who is a bit mic-shy.<BR>
Bernie announces the Cthulu cleavage fan art, and then plays a voicemail from Jacob. Jacob poorly explains why he couldn’t make it in today, and ends saying that the Polytics crew should avoid starring in porn. Since it’s not official that Jacob was in porn, Bernie, Stevie and Will discuss how a communal viewing could be organized.

Belle isn’t here today because she is in the guest house with her “Ex”. They had a date planned off-site, so they wouldn’t “spontaneously burst into orgy”, so after the date they retired to the guest house and orgied there. Belle has not emerged from there yet.

Will prods Stevie about K, and Bernie leaps to Ks defense. This results in a back and forth with Bernie defending K and Stevie and Will picking on her. The lines are clear: Stevie hates K, and in return Bernie hints that he’s not too fond of BIL either. Stevie notes that you can’t have a toe fetish and have your feet pedicured, which launches the topic of feet, toes and pedicures. This piques HMG’s interest, and when Will suggests that maybe there is something to the toe story that Bernie isn’t telling, she speaks up for the first time. Maybe K’s pedicure wasn’t dry, and that’s why she freaked out? HMG seems to have experiences with that. To the delight of everyone, she shows off her pedicure, complete with orgy-related blemishes. Will notes that that never happens to him, and HMG offers to do his feet pre-orgy. Will accepts and thus completes the first on-air pickup. Stevie wants to be a part of it, but under the rules of her poly-diad, she can only participate in the pedicure, not in the orgy. The crew discusses what is allowed and what isn’t in her diad.

Sick of the topic of feet, Bernie reads a fan letter: “I am poly, and I’m getting hit on by a mono guy. What do I do?”. Despite a big introduction, the crew doesn’t have very good answers. Will notes that often, the mono guy is looking to cheat with someone who seems easy, and will lie about their SO being OK with it. Stevie suggests to bring all people involved into a room and talk about about it before. In particular, she suggests to bring up the topic of poly in a generic way to gauge the reaction of the SO. HMG notes that in general, the response will be gender-specific. Girls are much more likely to be shocked than guys. Since the answers were somewhat unsatisfying, HMG invites the listeners to send in their own stories with that problem.

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