Season 01 Episode 08 - Shake Rattle and Roll

Season 01 Episode 08

[Thanks to Mad Gastronomer for writing this summary!]

Short Summary

The show goes on, minus Belle and Will, but with Shake, who wants to say his piece.  He’s never spiked the food, he wouldn’t do that to the community, but he does add his own special ingredients sometimes.  And he wants to plant something in the garden, but won’t say what: Bernie will just have to find it — and name it — himself.  He’s been reading The Ethical Slut, and seems to be having some trouble understand bit and pieces of it.  And his sponsor in the community, Rock, is still missing, and everyone wonders where he’s gotten to.

Memorable Quotes

“Pot food tastes like ass.”
-Marvin, in an email at 3:12

Longer Summary

The return of Shake!  The community’s newest — and most controversial — member wants to have his say, so he and Bernie do the show alone, so Belle and Will won’t gang up on poor Shake.    Rock is still missing in action, and Bernie’s still mad at him.

Listener Marvin writes in to defend Shake on the basis that “Pot food tastes like ass.”  He also gives a brief lesson on how to practically cook with it.

Shake doesn’t care for the way Will said it when he called him a stoner, but he admits to being one.  Still, he says he would never spike the food at the community — although he does add “a special ingredient or two.”  He has some trouble believing that Bernie has never been stoned and doesn’t know what it feels like.

Shake also insists that if his habitual lifestyle is unaccepted by the community, he’ll stop smoking completely.  He’s been trying to tone it down, in fact.  Instead, he’s been wandering the property with Gabby.  He’s been reading The Ethical Slut, too, and just can’t understand why they’re so uptight as to want him not to use drugs or drink to baby himself.

The new guy in the poly community is still getting over the idea that polyamory is just an excuse to screw around with a bunch of people.  Bernie spends some time discussing definitions and relationships with him.

Shake’s still interested in planting something in the garden, but he won’t say what.  Bernie asks him not to cause trouble, and Shake insists he never has.  He invites Bernie to play a game of Find and Name the Plant with him.

It looks like Shake is here to stay.

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