Season 01 Episode 06 - A Visit from Shake

Season 01 Episode 06

[Thanks to Mad Gastronomer for writing this summary!]

Short Description

A new member has joined the community, and taken over cooking duties.  Shake makes an appearance on the podcast to introduce himself.  He’s a little reluctant to discuss his recreational habits, he adds secret ingredients to the food, he wants to grow his own plants in the garden and sell them…  Are Bernie and Belle missing something?  Will thinks he’s a stoner and is spiking the food.  Sounds like time for another community meeting.

Memorable Quotes

I like putting a . . . theoretical heritage component into my food.  Some people think of TLC.  I like to call it something else.
-Shake, at 10:20

Look, we’re alternative, we’ve got polyamory, we’ve got nudity, we’ve got multi-person relationships, the last thing we need is the cops raiding the place on a drug bust.
-Will, at 22:40

If you’re listening to this right now, Rock: Fuck you!
-Bernie, at 26:00

Full episode summary

This episode marks the first appearance of Shake, the newest member of the community.  Shake is a friend of Rock’s, and has moved into Earth cabin with him.  The new member has been a wanderer, roaming the country following a favorite band on tour, but when the band went off tour and his friends wandered off without him, he felt lost.  He met Rock shortly thereafter, and followed him home.

Shake is strangely reluctant to talk about what he’s into, and he doesn’t mean sexually, but he’s taken over much of the cooking duties.  Everyone seems to really enjoy his cooking and find it very relaxing, but when asked about how he learned to cook and his style, he says that he learned to cook by watching the Food Network while roasted, and says he likes to add extra ingredients to traditional dishes.  These days, he cooks in bars and does a little bar tending.

The new guy seems to like the community, but he’s confused by some things.  Like the threesomes at community meetings, and Belle’s relationship, and this whole poly thing.  And Cedric.  He’s also curious about whether start selling some things, having people from outside come in to buy things regularly, maybe something he could grow in the garden… 

Will, in an epilogue to the episode, feels that Bernie and Belle have missed something.  Namely, that Shake is a stoner, he’s spiking the food, and he wants to start dealing out of the community.

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