Community Podcast - Polytics S02 E22

Person A and Person B have refused to leave The Community and they are causing trouble for the podcast. Again. The crew manages to not talk about this very much and instead tries to talk about things relevant to The Community, like, say, Halloween costumes and Will’s hair and poor driving choices. Voicemail: 206-666-2653. 206-MOO-BOLD. Email: Polytics is haunted by Hypermedia Adventures; Music courtesy of Gaia Consort.

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2 Responses to “Community Podcast - Polytics S02 E22”

  1. Bernie’s Blog » Blog Archive » Halloween Party!!! Says:

    [...] Halloween Party is almost here, and I guess Will finally got around to posting the latest episode sometime last night.  Hopefully you heard through the grapevine about our party tonight if [...]

  2. Poly Wog Says:

    Oh Will, I think I’m in love! Not the hair so much, but a bald butch bi guy in a velvet dress? Mrrrrowrrrr! Post pictures!