On the Table - Polytics S01 E28

Bernie spills. Belle continues to spill. Will gives a Paul update and still refuses to blog. Voicemail: 206-666-2653. 206-MOO-COLD. Email: show@polytics.org. Polytics is mamook’d by Hypermedia Adventures; hypermediaadventures.com. Music courtesy of Gaia Consort.

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3 Responses to “On the Table - Polytics S01 E28”

  1. Bernie’s Blog » Blog Archive » Kicking and screaming Says:

    [...] Well, not really.  Want to know the latest dirt on my hex? Listen to the latest episode. [...]

  2. Zaiah Says:

    You’ve all had a busy Spring! I was thinking that “the mona lisa is an old painting” (206-MONA-OLD) or “We only drink Pepsi” (206-NON-COKE) …or you know.. “we only smokes (or ingests) the reefer.. not the hard stuff!” *snicker* ..ought to be considered!

  3. Bernie Says:

    @Zaiah: oooo. I like those ones! Non-coke has come up, but I like your take on it better than the ones we thought of :)