Sunny Bliss

I have been basking in the warmth of the sun, and obviously in the warmth of my lovers’ embraces. Apparently my students are feeling the same way, at least about the former, as the drawing of the sun I found seems to indicate. I’m not sure if is it the amount of fucking going on between Ted, Tina, Sadie and I, or what, but the sun seems incredibly breast-like.

Looks like a breast to me

Looks like a breast to me

I just have to say, I’m also just reveling in how everything works out so well if you just follow the teachings of The Ethical Slut. Everything worked out so well with Sadie, and this solves the issue of Ted wanting to date other people, and let’s just say, I’m blissfully happy. And blissfully busy. ;)

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  1. MadGastronomer Says:

    Hey, Belle? I’ve got four advance tracks from the upcoming Bone Poets Orchestra disc, and encouragement to spread them around. If the want to email me at madgastronomer at gmail, I’ll send ‘em along to you.