[oops... I wrote this out the other day, then forgot to post it. Here ya go.]

OMG, I just sat through the most boring women’s health presentations ever. I really tried to listen, I tried not to fidget incessantly… but, well, the fact is, I that was *so* not what I was expecting, and really wasn’t what I skipped podcasting for. Though I popped in at the last minute, and got to sign off with everyone, which was nice.

I thought it was a bi women’s get together that would be closer to my own research area, of exploring my judgmental attitudes towards sexuality that is outside of my preferred arena. In short, I thought it was a bi women’s play party. Instead, it turns out it is some sort of discussion group, and so instead of hot bi women action, I get images of inflamatory breast cancer. It was good to know about, I’d never heard of inflamatory breast cancer, and it is usually fatal, because it is more difficult to dectect and diagnose, because it is not well known, has different symptoms, and does not show up on a mammogram. So, public service announcement, ladies, please inform yourself about inflamatory breast cancer.

But really, hot sex versus diseased breasts…. you can imagine my disappointment.

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  1. Carol D. Says:

    Thanks for the link it’s informative. I’d never heard of this kind of cancer before. Thanks. :)